Nerve Tester.

1. my nerve tester game works because i followed the instructions and connected everything correctly.

2. If I could I would change the whole design and the image I painted on the back.

3. Have more time on each part. eg. painting, construction.

4. The easiest part was the painting because we got to choose what to paint.

5. The most difficult part was setting up the game and connecting all the wires correctly.



Nerve Tester Game

LED lights

LED stands for light-emmiting diode, the first LED was developed in 1955. LED lights do not give off heat which will keep your food fresher for longer, unlike normal lights LED lights do not attract bugs because bugs are attracted to UV which LED lights dont have.


All of the components from the nerve tester connect up to the battery. Each battery consists of a  negative electrode and a positive electrode. Batteries are either single use (disposable) that are used once and discarded or rechargable batteries that are discarded and recharged multiple times.





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